Are ceramic coatings resistant to uv rays?

However, another great way to protect your vehicle from sun damage is to coat it with a ceramic coating that prevents the sun's UV rays from having the same impact and, at the same time, gives it a shiny appearance that enhances the shine of the paint. As the coating is exposed to these elements, the testing equipment closely monitors the coating's resistance to UV rays.

Ceramic coatings

deflect UV rays, preventing them from penetrating the molecules of the paint and, therefore, reducing the possibility of molecular degradation, oxidation and other factors that contribute to damage the paint. When applied correctly and after performing some correction or paint preparation work, a homemade ceramic coating, such as Armor Shield IX, can protect surfaces for 2 to 5 years.

A handmade ceramic coating uses nanotechnology to fill in the microscopic peaks and valleys found in porous materials, such as transparent layers, glass, plastic moldings or bare metals. If you're looking for durability, the best and most affordable option is a homemade ceramic coating, such as Armor Shield IX. While the use of automotive waxes, paint sealants and even ceramic coatings is not as common in countries such as Belize, Honduras or the Yucatan Peninsula, sun damage is quite evident.

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