Are there any special considerations when choosing the right type of primer for an application?

Make sure the primer is as pure as possible. Primers that can hybridize to form primer dimers should be avoided. In addition to the basic benefits mentioned above from the booklet, you can expect a number of benefits when using the so-called “special” booklet. However, the decision of whether or not you need a special primer depends mainly on the type of material you are going to paint.

In addition, the condition of the surface to be painted and the room in which the surface is located are also the main factors determining the type of primer that should be used. The surfaces to which it will be applied. We won't use the same process on sandblasted steel as on plastic or glass; each substrate has special characteristics that require different products and applications. Paint manufacturers almost always recommend applying one or two coats of primer with a brush, roller or spray, as this serves to produce a better coat of color.

This brings the color of the primer closer to the color of the wall finish, reducing the number of coats of primer and color that are applied.

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