What coating is scratch proof?

Optical coatings include hybrid diamond-type carbon (DLC) and anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings. Diamond-type carbon is a coating that shares the extreme scratch resistance of diamonds. The ceramic coating is scratch-resistant, not scratch-resistant. While it offers some protection against the slightest scratches, swirl marks and marks caused by washing, it won't eliminate the risk of paint being scratched.

Many of the same objects can and will scratch your vehicle, even if it's upholstered. Please note that we say “some strength” and not “scratch-proof”. Having an anti-scratch coating can be very useful for extending the life of various products. We all know that surfaces tend to be scratched very easily.

Even if you take good care of your things, with prolonged use it's inevitable that you'll scratch one or two.

Ceramic coatings

offer some resistance to scratches, but this is not due to their hardness, as many people believe. Scratch resistance is one of the characteristics that people brag about when it comes to promoting a ceramic coating. One of the most common misconceptions about ceramic coatings is that they protect paint due to their 9-hour hardness.

With a ceramic coating in the car, it's tempting to revisit the gas kiosk in your neighborhood to get it washed again quickly. Compared to waxes (even synthetic ones), the hardness of ceramic coatings provides a much longer lasting layer of protection against elements and contaminants. Cleaning dirt or dust from a coated surface is likely to cause fewer scratches than one that isn't coated at all. If you want the best protection against scratches on your car, stop looking for the right ceramic coating and start buying a protective paint film.

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