What is the best way to apply a ceramic coating?

Some ceramic coatings must be applied in a “cross stripe” pattern, but with Carpro Lite it is perfectly appropriate to apply them in wide strokes once a uniform coverage is guaranteed on the panel. CQuartz Lite bridges the gap between traditional, less effective sealing technology and CQuartz ceramic coatings. As you may already know, ceramic coating is one of the best paint protectors for your car, motorhome, boats or even airplanes. You can check this link where I bought my ceramic coating for my car, they gave me a very good service and are faithful to their statement that they would give you the best value for money.

The panel wipe is a specific product that is designed to remove enamel residues and prepare the surface for protection (in this case, a ceramic coating). One of the most (if not the most) important aspects of installing a ceramic coating is preparing the paint. If left on the surface, the residue will act as a barrier between the ceramic coating and the paint, preventing a strong bond and proper adhesion. When applying a layer of ceramic paint, if 100% of the excess coating is not removed, what is left is called a high point.

Only once the surface is free of debris can the ceramic coating be able to properly adhere to the paint. If you are a retailer or if you want to ceramic coating your own vehicle, be sure to take important steps to correct and polish the paint before committing to performing this service yourself. The most durable and highest level of protection available in the industry right now are ceramic coatings. For the past year or so, I've been using a lot of different “ceramic” sealants and spray waxes to protect my car while waiting for the perfect opportunity to apply a “true ceramic coating”.

With any semi-permanent coating for cars, the key is to prepare the car paint before applying it, so I knew it would take a few days for my car to reach a level I was satisfied with before using a ceramic coating. This oily residue will not only look bad on the paint, but it will also prevent proper adhesion between the ceramic coating and the surface of the car. Large temperature changes can make it difficult to work with even the simplest products, and you don't want to try it with something like a ceramic coating.

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